Sergio Rodriguez Dec. Report

Report on Bro. Sergio Rodriguez

For December 2014


Dear Brethren,


We are on the verge of a new year.  There are many things that we did and many more were left undone.  In all things we have seen the mercy of God in our individual lives in the work of the Lord through the Mt. Ararat Baptist Mission here in Reynosa, Mexico.  2 Tim. 2:13. 

We continue working to build up our congregation.  We do visitation once a week as a planned activity for the mission and then I visit new comers and those that miss a Sunday or a service.  On the material side we continue working on preparing the church building for a permanent concrete roof. We have slowly been building it up to reach that point.  We ask for your continued prayers for the ongoing construction that is going on. 

I have another matter of prayer for you all.  My health has deteriorated over the years.  I finally went to the doctor and he told me that I need to raise my defenses or else a simple cold could become pneumonia. He has also ordered some blood work that I will doing in the month of January.  I went to the doctor cause I am constantly tired.  He has put me on a very strict diet.  Please keep me in your prayers.  I will be better, I simply have to take better care of myself.  My wife is making sure that I stay on the diet.  No more flour tortillas.


I want to thank you very much for the continued $450 offering that you send me each month.  I also want to thank you for the Christmas offering.  It was a blessing for my wife and me.  I ask for your continued support, as it would be very difficult to do the work that I do among the brethren if I had to work a secular job.  I thank our Lord Jesus for you in all my prayers.


May our Lord bless you all.   I love you in the Lord


Bro. Sergio Rodriguez Blanco


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