Missionary Chase Reynolds


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We are Bible translators with Wycliffe sent out by Sublett Road Baptist Church in Arlington, TX. Our goal is to learn and develop the Yetfa language, in the interior of Papua, so that God’s Word can be translated into their language. At present, Yetfa is an unwritten language. We have had extensive training on how to take an oral language through the steps of development to the point written materials can be produced in that language. It takes:

· writing the sounds in the language phonetically

· producing a phonology of those sounds

· creating an orthography (alphabet) to accompany those sounds

· analyzing the grammar of the language

· begin putting the language into a written form

· teaching the people to read their language

· translate written materials into the language

It is quite a task and one that is not entered into lightly. Overall, there are five facets to this task.

@ Learn to function within the Yetfa language

@ Develop a writing system

@ Facilitate translating the Word of God

@ Train local leaders

@ Establish Biblical churches


Much prayer has been given and much Guidance received. Please PRAY with us as we work toward making God’s Word available in the Yetfa language.

For more information or to send support, contact our sending church:


Sublett Road Baptist Church

Reynolds Mission Fund

PO Box 172076

Arlington, TX  76003

(817) 483-0318


   October 2018   
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